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Privacy Policy

www.btechsamplepapers.in is heaving some commitments to its privacy and policy for the visitors who browse to our link, we respect the personal aspects of the user and maintain their information for our use only and not for the public affront, we kept both the personal and non-personal information of our visitors, a liitle description of these information are as follows:

Non-personal Information:

A non-personal information of a user consists of the information like the URL’s, exit page, navigation, time spent on website, submission by user, comments etc, this type of information of user is not useful for his/her identification but still we use this information for our personal use to increase the traffic of our site, using this information we try to understand what our visitors looking for and hoping to us.

Personal Information:

This type of information contained the personal identification of user because it may contain his/her email-id, contact number, we use this information for the faster communication with our visitors, we share their information with our vendors only those who are serving for us, like if we are using their server for communication, but they use this information of our visitors at our trust and in accordance with the privacy policy of btechsamplepapers.in

We use the different security measures to protect the information that people share with us for their further need and queries related to our website, we use new tools & technology for data protection.
www.btechsamplepapers.in have a right reserve to change the terms and conditions of service provide at any valuable time, new changes may take some time to be update on our website but some privacy concerns may change immediately, so you can check the site and the privacy page of www.btechssamplepapers.in
If u have any query to our privacy policy visit to our contact us page.